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Jun Concentrate - Shrub

Our answer to creating a more sustainable non-alcoholic Jun 'kombucha' alternative which is up 40 times less wasteful. The Jun we purpose brew and decant throughout the fermentation is allowed to fully ferment for a further 4 months, which is then blended with native botanicals and 100% Australian honey - creating a vinegar that can be used as a non-alcoholic Jun concentrate, a neat morning tonic, cocktail or mocktail mixer, salad dressing, or apple cider vinegar substitute.
The potential ways you can use our shrub is only limited to your imagination. 
70% of Australia's honey supply is sourced from native flora. Due to continuing drought conditions & recent bushfires in VIC & NSW, honey prices have increased dramatically & unfortunately we've needed to slightly alter our prices accordingly.
Currently only available at Farmers' Markets or here.
- Desert Lime & Hops
- Lemon Myrtle & Ginger
 - Lemon Tea Tree & Ginger
 - Mandarin & Finger Lime
- Rose Geranium & Raspberry (limited release)
- Strawberry Gum & Mountain Pepper