Mandarin & Gin Spritz

Depending on which gin you prefer, each one will usually be more forward in a particular botanical. We think our Mandarin and Finger Lime Jun compliments all the gin we've tried when making this recipe that have a prominent citrus note.


  • Half a bottle of Botanical Brew Jun - Mandarin & Finger Lime
  • 30ml of Botanical Brew Shrub - Mandarin & Finger Lime
  • 15ml of a good quality locally made Gin
  • Orange
  • Mint
  • Ice
  • (note: if you like your cocktails a little sweeter you can always add a little extra simple honey syrup to taste.)


Fill a tall glass with ice. Add gin & shrub. Top up with Jun being careful to avoid too much foaming.  Give a gentle stir then garnish with a slice of orange and mint.